P&C fundraising


At Oakleigh we are lucky to have a great community interested in having a direct effect on the resources and experiences we offer our children and fundraising plays a big part in achieving this.    

Why do we need to fundraise?

Put simply, our school community wants things that can’t be financed by the Federal and State governments. 

Although government funds cover the bulk of expenses - such as
staff wages, curriculum resourcing, facilities, ICT provisions and utilities - they don’t stretch to things like class sets of iPads, adequate oval maintenance, or specialist art and drama teachers. 

To cover these resources, our P&C asks parents to help out through donations and fundraising.

So how can I help? 

There are plenty of opportunities for you to help throughout the year, starting with our fundraising events. (Subject to change in each calendar year).

Term 1:
Trivia Night in March
Term 2
The Mother’s Day stall in May
Term 3:
The Father’s Day stall and our school fair in September (Family Fun Day)
Term 4:
The School Dance in October

For each event, we need an organiser and also a team of willing helpers!  If you're the organiser, you'll receive a handover folder of information for your event, so you won’t be left scratching your head about what needs to be done. 

Please email Lisa, our Fundraising Coordinator, at, and let her know you are keen to help out.  

How much do we raise?

That depends in part on how many fundraisers our volunteers run each year, and how profitable they are. Our goal for this year is $43,000. 

But fundraising is not just about events;
we also raise money in other ways. For example, you are contributing when you purchase your book packs through us, when you leave items in the Lifeline Bins, and when you make tax-deductible donations to the Building Fund. 

The businesses run by the P&C also
earn income; these include OSHC, Oak Café (our tuckshop) and the Uniform Shop, plus hiring out the tennis courts creates income too. 

Oakleigh also benefits from sponsorships and donations from local businesses and organisations. By supporting them you are supporting Oakleigh!

For example

  • You can purchase Entertainment Books online
  • Aussie Farmers donates 2% of the value of each order in its school rewards program (just link online to Oakleigh).
  • Buy printer ink cartridges and more from Cartridge World, Ashgrove – just mention Oakleigh SS when purchasing.
Please note that we do not endorse the products, services or activities of these organisations.

Who decides how the money gets spent?

P&C members make this decision on the basis of proposals put forward by the Principal. Another important reason to attend P&C meetings. Next year’s budget will be discussed at our November meeting this year.

Together we can do so much
Thank you for your contribution
Do you have any fundraising ideas, suggestions or events you might like to email Lisa at
Last reviewed 13 March 2020
Last updated 13 March 2020