Volunteering is at the heart of our mission at Oakleigh SS Parents & Citizen's association.  We engage with the wider school community to provide our students a number of 'services' while showing strong civic involvement.  Living by the school motto 'Deeds not words'.

There are a number of ways you could volunteer some of your valuable time.  It can be a great partnership, one where you can receive so much in return for your time. This page seeks to take the guess work out of how volunteering works, giving you all the details about what you are committing to and how to sign up.

​Standing Volunteering Opportunities

Uniform 'Shop'

The Oakleigh State School Uniform 'Shop' is one by name only.  Our mission is to provide affordable uniforms to Oakleigh families.  Any small excess profits contribute to the P&C for re-investment in activities that directly benefit OSS students.

The uniform shop could always benefit from one or two more volunteers.

Shop volunteers' responsibilities include: staffing the shop on a Thursday morning, filling online orders, stocktakes and engaging with new families in 'Getting set for Prep' sessions.

We have fairly specific tasks in order to operate the store efficiently.  If you are looking to contribute a small portion of time over a longer period of time, the uniform shop could be for you.  It is best to have a consistent team who work at least twice a term.

The Uniform Shop would suit volunteers with the ability to attend a few hours twice a term on Thursday mornings, plus a few additional hours to assist with stocktakes and 'Get set for Prep' sessions.  We would estimate that volunteers would spend 5-6 hours per term in term 2 and 3, up to 9 hours in terms 1 and 4 (for get set for prep and additional openings before school starts the new year) in the shop.

If you'd like to become part of our team please send an email to


Our goal for Tuckshop is to create a fun, relaxed environment that provides healthy, 5-star rated food to our kids. We are open three days a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) but hope to get our volunteer base solid in Term 3 and 4 2022 and assess opening up to four days of service again in 2023.

We have a well-appointed pantry, and a clean and organised food preparation space.

Volunteering doesn't have to be onerous or hard. It's actually quite fun! We are all pumped to get involved.  Volunteers can make a short term or long term commitment to the tuckshop team – all help is welcomed.

We have two co-convenors, who are full of enthusiasm and eager to help grow our networks of volunteers! Currently Laura does four days and Fiona does two days (Thu/Fri).

Volunteering at the Tuckshop is typically for a two-hour or four-hour shift. The tasks are typically simple, like cutting up veggies for veggie cups, follow along with a recipe to make chocolate coconut brownies or popping sandwiches on a toastie press. All tasks are done under the supervision of our convenors Laura and Ana, and you can ask questions anytime! There's coffee and Tim Tams as well. The fun part is getting out the class meal containers and seeing the kids come up for lunch! Always with a smile and that's what makes volunteering at Tuckshop so great.

Can't commit to a regular time? That's ok, we can put you on our Whatsapp group when we call for help.  All you need to do it reply yes, come along (wear closed in shoes) and we will teach you the rest!

If you can help please email us at!​

Swim Club

See the volunteering page at their website here:

Committee Leadership

All of these clubs and the P&C itself relies on volunteers for committee roles that fulfil executive and governance responsibilities to enable this all to run. There are many different committee positions we need to continuously fill, which are shown here.​​​​

Event Volunteering Opportunities

P&C fundraising and social events won't happen without volunteers to help organise and run them.

The P&C uses SignUp to advertise upcoming event volunteering opportunities, for all events we run including those in the 2022/3 event calendar and also other smaller events like gardening bees. We'll regularly advertise these opportunities through the school newsletter and the PLR network.

School Volunteering Opportunities

School teachers regularly notify parents about opportunities to volunteer in the classroom directly via email, for example for swimming lessons, reading groups and excursions. The school uses SOBS to coordinate the booking of volunteering slots.​​​

Last reviewed 16 November 2022
Last updated 16 November 2022