Class Music

A visiting music teacher spends two days per week at the school and each class has one lesson a week. Predominantly, all students receive instruction in singing and the recorder is taught to Years 4 to 6 students. An instrumental program is also offered. Students are able to join the Junior or Senior School choir to help develop their music skills. The school choirs are an important facet of school life. Choirs perform at school functions, community events and take part in choral fanfares and eisteddfods.

Instrumental Music

Education Queensland provides instrumental tuition to those children who want to learn brass, woodwind, strings and percussion and become part of the ensemble program at Oakleigh. 

Instruction in brass, woodwind, strings and percussion is by the group teaching method with 3 – 5 students participating together at each lesson. Parents need to be sure they can support a practice regime with their child. An opportunity to learn an instrument will be offered to those who are interested and it is expected they will continue to learn throughout the course of their schooling at Oakleigh. Students are unable to change from the string program (which is offered in Year 3) to brass, woodwind or percussion (offered in Year 4). Oakleigh owns a limited number of instruments and they are available for loan for the 12 months of tuition. After this time, the family needs to purchase their own instrument. In the case of larger items, such as double basses and cellos they may, if available, be able to use a school instrument for longer. 

The Senior Band, String Ensemble and Senior Choir are expected to wear their performance uniform when representing our school. Vests and ties are hired each year from the Music Support Group and a short-sleeved white shirt, skort or long navy pants, short white socks and black filled-in shoes, most of which are part of our school uniform, need to be worn. Oakleigh offers the following classes: 

Brass - trumpet, trombone and euphonium/ tuba from Year 4 on
Percussion - drums - from Year 4 on
Strings - violin, viola, cello and double bass from Year 3 on
Woodwind - flute, clarinet and saxophone - from Year 4 on 

Students are selected for the program according to various criteria:

(i) student's keenness to learn;
(ii) musical aptitude;
(iii) physical characteristics pertinent to a particular instrument;
(iv) commitment of both student and parent to daily practice; and
(v) committed regular attendance at lessons and rehearsals. 

Selection of children to join a program follows the following procedure:

(i) letter from parent requesting inclusion;
(ii) short test with music teacher;
(iii) recommendation of class teacher and previous class teacher;
(iv) availability of instrument if family does not provide instrument. 

It is of utmost importance that students are carefully selected in order to avoid frustration or sense of failure on the part of the student. Initial enrolment in the class is for a minimum period of one year subject to a trial period of one month. 

A subscription of $60 per semester for privately owned instruments and $100 per semester for school instruments is set to cover the purchase of sheet music and repairs to departmental instruments. This must be paid during first term. This subscription does not cover replacement strings for stringed instruments or reeds for woodwind instruments. 

Where parents are considering the purchase of an instrument for their child, they are requested to consult with the instructor BEFORE arranging any purchase. Children who join the instrumental program must have the following commitments. 

Every student must agree to:

(i) practise regularly - a short period every day (10 mins);
(ii) become a member of the school band/orchestra after 12 months;
(iii) take part as required in all concerts and camps;
(iv) attend lessons, rehearsals and other classes regularly as required. 

Over recent years, the vast majority of instrumental students have developed very advanced skills with the particular instrument they have learnt and it is pleasing to know they have continued this education at high school and are now members of the high school bands and orchestras. 

If you wish your child to commence tuition in this area and are willing to agree to the conditions, please advise in writing indicating the instrument for which you wish your child to be auditioned.

Last reviewed 12 March 2020
Last updated 12 March 2020